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Tree Survey Equipment

Digital Data Capture

Enviroscope use digital data capture in our tree & woodland surveys so the data is accurate, retrievable & useable long into the future.

Digital tree data can be added as a layer to aerial photos, satellite images or site plans to better understand sites.

We use:

  • Leica GPS equipment to plot trees to sub-metre accuracy
  • Laser equipment to measure trees precisely
  • GIS to link tree data to each plotted tree

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Decay Detection

For detailed investigations into potential tree decay Enviroscope can carry out decay mapping.

We use our IMF Resi-F decay detection drill to determine the extent and nature of decay in trees. 

The drill can be used on the ground or during climbed tree inspections. 

Decay mapping informs how best to manage a tree, and can determine whether retention or felling is appropriate.

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Tree Mitigation Equipment

High Pressure Air Lance

Enviroscope's High Pressure Air Lance  (Airspade / Arb-Ex) is used for tree survey & tree mitigation work.

This tool gives a non-dig approach to the removal of soil around trees roots.  It replaces the need for labour intensive spade digging or damaging mechanical excavation. 

Arb-Ex  - Soil Excavation

During development excavation close to or in the Root Protection Area of a tree is avoided. However where no alternative exists the use of hand-held tools may be specified in BS 5837 tree reports. 

During tree inspections root investigation may be needed, & hand held tools are required to carefully remove soil around the roots. 

Arb-Ex provides a the perfect solution by removing soil, without causing damage to the tree roots.

The Arb-Ex precision nozzle accesses smallspaces & its supersonic air displaces soil around roots without causing damage.

Arb-Ex - Soil Decompaction

Trees can decline & die if the tree roots fail to absorb air & nutrients because the tree is growing in compacted soils.  Compacted soils can arise after construction work close to or within a tree's Root Protection Area, or as a result of excessive footfall.

The Arb-Ex power nozzle is used to break up compacted soil, creating a looser soil allowing air & water to percolate to the tree roots.

The Arb-Ex can be used to mix compost into the existing soil to further improve the soil structure.

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Laser Tree Measuring


GPS Tree Plotting


Decay Detection Drill



High Pressure Air-Lance