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12th September 2018

Tree Safety in York Schools

CiLSIYdXEAEOkDQEnviroscope are offering schools in York advice on tree health & safety. 

We are providing professional guidance on the level of tree risk assessment appropriate for an individual school, depending on the species, maturity and location of trees in the school grounds.  

School grounds with trees offer fabulous learning opportunties and provide shelter and shade and contribute to the wellbeing of everyone at the school. 

However trees require management and monitoring to ensure that any risks associated with them are managed in a timely and cost efficient way. 

To help schools manage trees wisely, we are carrying out accredited tree safety surveys and providing schools with a prioritised schedule of tree works. 

This planned and positive approach to tree management minimises risk to property and demonstrates a school's duty of care to its pupils, staff and visitors - minimising the sometimes catastrophic risk of tree failure.

If you would like to discuss a Tree Health & Safety Inspection of trees in your school grounds, then please get in touch 

Call Principal Arb Surveyor Guy Morrison 01904 479094 or email

We will be posting information on our next tree survey at Millthorpe School, York on our projects page soon!

Enviroscope is Five!

In September Enviroscope Consulting Ltd will be five years old.

Time to take a moment to see where we have been and what we have been doing.

We love our York base! And we definitely agree with the recent vote in The Times, placing York as the best place to live and work in the UK.


From York every point north, south, east and west are well connected by road and rail, and we’re just two hours by train to clients in central London! 

We serve many clients in the North of England and the UK Midlands. But we are far from restricted to the north having surveyed thousands of trees in most counties of the UK, as illustrated on the map!

Thanks to our clients over the years we’ve done some really interesting and rewarding tree survey projects - in both town & country, in the UK & overseas. 

We’re currently updating our Portfolio page  – please check back soon to find out about our recent projects.

Project_Map_WorldOver the last few years we have also been engaged in international arboricultural consultancy, with work as far away as Brazil, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone & South Africa.

To find out more about our services, or to discuss your project please email us on or call us on 01904 479094.

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