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Barnsley BSF: supporting Laing O'Rourke on the UK's most comprehensive BSF programme

Barnsley Building Schools for the Future; the most comprehensive BSF school building programme in the UK. Barnsley Metropolitan Borough has seen a complete transformation of its educational facilities across the borough. We were engaged by the Contractors Laing O’Rourke to provide arboricultural consultancy at the project design stage. We also carried out bat activity surveys of selected schools prior to their demolition.

What was our role?

BS 5837 Tree Surveys

We were commissioned to carry out tree surveys at the school in order to determine the value of the trees and comment on any health and tree risk issues associated with the site’s tree stock.

A detailed tree inventory, Tree Constraints Plan and outline mitigation options was scoped. Tree Preservation Order (TPO) searches were also carried out and reported on.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Working closely with the project team of architects and engineers, we carried out Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIAs) of the proposed demolition, refurbishment and new construction proposals. We included construction of access routes (temporary and permanent), car parking and play areas in out assessment of arboricultural impacts.

Our AIA reporting included a Tree Protection Plan, a method statement to guide construction and detailed recommendations for tree replacement and protection.

Bat Scoping Surveys and Activity Surveys

We were instructed to carry out thorough bat scoping studies of some school buildings. Following this we went on the carry out a series of dawn re-entry and bat emergence surveys to identify whether bats were roosting in the buildings.

Following on from our involvement in BSF programme, Enviroscope have been commissioned to provide arboricultural consultancy on the the current Priority Schools Building Programme.

Can we support your priority school building programme?

We can advise you on the ecological and arboricultural requirements of the project and provide technically accurate and high quality reports for your planning submission.

Please phone us, email or write. We are always happy to discuss potential projects with you. Following our discussion we can prepare a fee proposal, setting out our recommended approach to your project, anticipated timescales for project completion and our fees.


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