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Located on the edge of Harrogate, RHS Garden Harlow Carr is the northern showcase garden for the Royal Horticultural Society where trees and woodland contribute largely to the garden’s character. To date, our commissions have included provision of arboricultural and ecological advice on a range of interesting projects within the gardens.

What have we done to date?

Extension to the Car Park

BS 5837 Tree Survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Mitigation advice tailored to the site; including techniques to accommodate surfaced footpath through existing woodland without compromising tree health and safety.

Extension of Queen Mother’s Lake

BS 5837 Tree Survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Extended Phase 1 Survey, protected species surveys for water voles and fresh-water white-clawed crayfish. Reporting to accompany planning application and protected species licensing advice.

Enviroscope provides arboricultural and ecological consultancy to RHS Garden Harlow Carr

The Tree House

Working with Bewilderwood Ltd and the RHS we helped integrate this fairytale structure into the woodland so that it links with the treescape but does not increase tree risk or compromise on safety standards.

The Log Ness Monster

Based on our tree risk assessment, we advised on tree management works at this location to minimize potential risks to the public using this mythical climbing structure. Mitigation to protect the trees themselves during construction was also designed to meet current best practice in the field.

Garden Wide Tree Survey and Management Plan

The management of 27 hectares of gardens, largely occupied by trees, requires co-ordination, planning and expert knowledge of tree and woodland management. We were commissioned to plot, catalogue, tag and assess every significant tree in the gardens – a total of over 3000 trees! This huge task has culminated in a GIS based management plan which includes a schedule of works to ensure tree risk is managed to reflect the varying levels of public use at the site and to protect for the future the garden’s incredible collection of tree species from around the world.

Do you have a similar project to undertake?

Please phone us, email or write. We are always happy to discuss potential projects with you. Following our discussion we can prepare a fee proposal, setting out our recommended approach to your project, anticipated timescales for project completion and our fees.


Amenity & Historic Treescapes

Enviroscope Consulting continue to work with the RHS to provide ongoing training and support.

We have created GIS based tree inventories and developed tree management plans for a number of other amenity and heritage treescape including:

  • Risby Parkland , near Hull
  • Dalton Hall Estate, near Beverley
  • Temple Dinsley, Hertfordshire