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City Centre development: Office refurbishment and new student accomodation on Walmgate

Located on Walmgate in central York, the existing York Press offices are being refurbished and new student accommodation is currently being built on the site of the former York Press.

S Harrison engaged us to contribute to their planning application for the development, which was successful in receiving planning permission in August 2013. We carried out the ecological and arboricultural surveys and prepared the associated reports.

What was our role?

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Our task was to carry out an Extended Phase 1 Survey of the site to record the site’s ecological value and scope out requirements for detailed protected species surveys. Our report included a discussion of opportunities to increase the site’s ecological value and identified any ecological features which may have posed a constraint to the site’s redevelopment. Although in a central urban location and being predominantly of hard construction, the traditional buildings required further consideration as a bat roost.

Bat Scoping Surveys and Activity Surveys

S Harrison Developments commissioned us to carry out a thorough bat scoping study of the buildings, of both recent and traditional construction. Based on our findings, we recommended a series of dawn re-entry and bat emergence surveys to identify whether bats were roosting in the buildings. After the required level of survey effort, we reported that no evidence of bat use had been found and therefore the works could proceed without protected species licensing.

BS 5837 Tree Survey

We were commissioned to carry out a tree survey at the site to determine the amenity value of the trees present and any health and tree risk issues associated with the site’s tree stock. We provided input into the landscaping proposals for the site to include enhancements for biodiversity at the site.

Do you have an urban site fo redevelopment?

We can advise you on the ecological and arboricultural requirements of the project and provide technically accurate and high quality reports for your planning submission.

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