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Arboricultural Services

Parks and Gardens, Arboretums and Heritage Treescapes

We work for managers of public & private parks, arboretums, urban street trees, trees in church grounds, parklands & country estates.

We take a strategic overview of your tree stock to get a measure of your tree resource, helping you pin down objectives & allocate tree management funds wisely.

We work with Landscape Architects and Historians and Building Surveyors to develop funded Conservation Management Plans to guide restoration.

Services include:

  • Tree survey
  • Tree mapping using sub-metre accuracy GPS
  • GIS-based tree inventories & tree management systems
  • Tree tagging
  • Tree Risk and Safety Assessments
  • Urban Tree Strategies
  • Parkland & Woodland Management Plans
  • Veteran tree surveys
  • Preparation of tree works schedules & specifications for contracts
  • Specialist supervision of contractors

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