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Arboricultural Services

Parks and Gardens, Arboretums and Heritage Treescapes

Who we work for

We work for managers of public and private parks, arboretums, urban street trees, trees in church grounds, parklands and country estates. Enviroscope can help you get a measure of you tree resource, pin down your objectives and advise on the wise allocation of the funds you have available for tree management.

Our Tailored Approach

Enviroscope develops a tailored survey approach for each client and location. In the first instance, we work with you to understand your site, users, tree stock, resource availability and short and long term objectives for the trees. Following this we will propose a package of services which may include strategic assessment, tree surveys and assessment, digital mapping, management planning and tender action.

Services include:

  • Tree survey and inspection
  • Plotting and mapping using sub-metre accuracy GPS
  • GIS-based tree inventories and tree management systems
  • Tree tagging
  • Tree Risk and Safety Assessments and advice
  • Urban Tree Strategies
  • Parkland and Woodland Management Plans
  • Landscape design and management
  • Veteran tree surveys and specialist advice
  • Preparation of contract documents including works schedules and specifications
  • Tendering of work and supervision of contractors

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