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Arboricultural Services

Tree Condition, Risk and Safety Assessments

Who We Work For and Why

Trees inherently carry risks and liabilities. Owners of trees have a legal duty of care to people using their land. Clients come to us to carry out Tree Health, Risk and Safety Assessments to demonstrate that they have taken measures to minimise the risk tree may pose to public safety.

As Chartered Foresters and professional Arboriculturalists we are competent to carry out systematic surveys, advise on an appropriate level of tree inspection and assessment, and specify necessary tree works.

We undertake tree risk and safety surveys for managers of retail parks, hospitals, schools, rail and road transport managers, insurers, loss adjusters and mortgage providers.

We provide tree risk and safety assessments for treescapes such as private and public parks, parklands and arboretums. Read about our recent work at the RHS Harlow Car Gardens, Harrogate where we carried a garden-wide Trees Risk Assessment.

Our Approach: Common Sense Risk Management of Trees

Enviroscope takes a common sense approach to tree risk management; recognising that there is a balance to be struck between the benefits and risks associated with trees. We identify hazards and analyse and evaluate risks associated with trees and advise on reasonable and proportionate measures to control risks.

A Complete Package of Services

Enviroscope follow recognised survey and assessment protocols including Quantitative Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA).

In the first instance we will work with you to understand your site, tree stock and use. Following this we will propose a package of services which may include:

  • Tree Risk Management Strategies
  • Site zoning (on larger sites)
  • Tree survey and inventory
  • Inspection using Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)
  • Climbed inspections, where necessary
  • Detailed investigation and decay mapping, where necessary
  • Ongoing Tree Safety Monitoring

Our recommendations for tree risk management works can then be used to generate work schedules for supply to contractors for pricing. We can also tender work and supervise contractors carrying out arboricultural operations. We are independent of any contracting service, and will act to obtain the best value and quality of work for our clients.

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