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Arboricultural Services

Trees, Tree Protection and the Law

Expert Advice on Tree Protection

Enviroscope advise on procedures and controls in relation to legally protected trees and have a track record in achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Works to trees within Conservation Areas or trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) all require written approval from the local Council in advance of the work. Enviroscope can take you through the process of obtaining the necessary permission. We carry out a professional tree survey, submit the necessary paperwork and liaise with the Tree Officer at the Council to get the best possible outcome in every situation.

Expert Witness and Appeals

We also offer advice and represent clients in relation to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), trees in Conservation Areas, Felling Licences and High Hedge disputes. Our Principal Arboriculturist acts as an Expert Witness on planning appeals and legal cases and with years’ of experience he is ideally placed to represent clients on insurance claims and litigation, subsidence and tree protection.

Services include:

  • Expert Witness Work
  • Advice and representation on TPO and Conservation Areas issues
  • Advice on High Hedge Disputes
  • Felling licence applications