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Ecology Services

Habitat Surveys

Enviroscope can advise on the best survey approach for your site and project; whether it be an urban site for redevelopment, a proposed pipeline route or broader survey to inform masterplanning.

We prepare the full range of ecology reports and assessments required for planning applications and give you timely advice on protected species surveys and licensing. We also prepare Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) and can discuss biodiversity offsetting options with you.

Extended Phase One Habitat Survey

As part of this first stage walkover survey we pinpoint key ecological features, potential for protected/ notable species and constraints to site management or development

We prepare ecological desk studies to bring to light any existing ecological knowledge of the site and its locality - including identification of designated sites.

Enviroscope’s reports are well-written and comprehensive. We integrate and reflect on the desk study, discuss the significance of field survey findings and recommend specialist species surveys, if necessary. We include a Phase One Survey Map in CAD to visually illustrate site ecology.

Following on from this preliminary survey, Protected Species Surveys or Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) may be required.

River Corridor Survey

River Corridor Surveys inform development, engineering or maintenance works close to rivers and streams such as flood defence, utility operations and bridge works.

River Corridor Survey involves mapping and auditing of in-channel and riparian habitat. The survey includes a scoping survey for protected species such as otter, water vole and freshwater crayfish as well as pinpointing invasive species such as Himalayan balsam.

National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

Enviroscope are skilled to carry out specialist botanical surveys including NVC surveys of grasslands, woodlands and wetlands.

Hedgerow Surveys

Hedgerow Surveys in relation to the Hedgerow Regulations (1997) may be required as part of pre-development surveys including utility infrastructure developments such as pipelines and road schemes. Enviroscope’s hedgerow surveys assess the importance of hedgerows based on data on woody and ground flora species diversity as well as historical hedgerow features.

Bat Scoping Survey


Extended Phase One Habitat Survey


Extended Phase One Habitat Survey


River Corridor Survey


GNC Pond Survey