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Forestry Services

National Forest Inventory Surveys

Enviroscope are contracted by the Forestry Commission to carry out the National Forest Inventory (NFI) surveys in Yorkshire, East Lancashire and North Lincolnshire.

The NFI surveys are a rolling programme of forest surveys which collate accurate data on tree size, distribution, composition and condition of forests and woodlands. NFI data is used to assess changes taking place in woodlands over time.

The data and reports are used by many people and organisations involved in forestry and land management, and in planning, policy development and business.

Our Role in NFI

Enviroscope visit our allocated forest plots and follow a We collect data on forest habitat type and condition, forest and woodland ecology, forest condition and tree health, tree measurements and management practices.

Our surveys require high attention to detail as we follow the very specific forest survey protocol which the Forestry Commission specify for  forest data collection. We are subject to regular Quality Assurance and training which ensures we work consistently.

If you would like to find out more about the NFI surveys then the Forest Research pages of the Forestry Commision website