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Forestry Services

Forestry and Woodland Design and Tree Planting

Enviroscope’s Chartered Forester produces planting plans and specifications for the creation of new woodland and replanting of existing woodland on a wide variety of sites. These range from rural estates and farmland to urban brownfield sites. We also design tree planting schemes for a range of non-woodland sites including farmland and parkland.

Where required, we seek Forestry Commission and other grants on behalf of our clients. We can also tender work and supervise contractors carrying out tree planting and aftercare operations. We are independent of any contracting service, and will act to obtain the best value and quality of work for our clients.

Our Services include:

  • Woodland design and tree planting plans
  • Specifications for tree planting and aftercare
  • Grant applications
  • Tendering of work
  • Supervision of contractors