Your trees are our expertise

We are tree specialists. Tree advice is what we do.

So you can be confident that our smart tree advice will help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

And with 30 years’ experience dealing with trees on projects of UK and local prominence, you are in safe and reputable hands.

How can we tailor our expertise to help you and your trees?


Need to demonstrate a well-considered approach to trees? We offer practical advice on how to minimise or circumvent potential tree impacts. Our expert guidance makes all the difference in achieving best possible outcomes.

Delving deeper to pinpoint the cause of a tree's decline can be the difference between losing a tree and retaining it. We can use cutting edge, non-invasive technology to identify and assess declining trees.

Carrying out work on trees with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or within Conservation Areas requires written approval from the local council..  Our tree expertise combined with knowledge of the approval process delivers the best possible outcome.

By taking reasonable care to consider tree risk and acting on recommendations, tree owners demonstrate they have met their health and safety obligations and legal duty of care. Rest assured, we are licensed tree safety assessors.

Mortgage lenders companies may ask a homebuyer for a tree report. Insurers also request tree investigations to determine why a tree failed or caused damage.

Trees are fundamental to the character of parkland landscapes and formal parks and gardens. Working in arboretums, historic gardens and rural estates, we offer specialist  tree advice to guide management and restoration.

Your Partner and Guide

Not sure what tree survey or advice you need?

Our full-service solution starts with discussing your project and tree concerns. We then provide guidance tailored to your exact requirements.

With a strong strategy in place, we swiftly take your project from start to finish.

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Tree Technology

Technology is integral to all our services.  It makes our services more efficient and our outputs more futureproof.

Our Tree Tech ranges from GIS to differential sub-metre GPS means smarter data capture and presentation, pinpoint accuracy and reliability.

Technology also allows us to answer the questions traditional tree surveying techniques can’t.

We use PiCUS tomography decay detection to reveal the extent and nature of decay in trees. Our findings can justify retaining or removing a tree, or avoiding unnecessary tree works.

We use a high-pressure Air Spade to map root distribution and make an enhanced assessment of potential impacts of building work near trees. Our findings can help plan works close to trees causing minimal impact on tree health.

Part of your team

We complement your existing team and collaborate with your landscape architects, ecologists, engineers, planners and designers to integrate our tree advice into  your project's bigger picture.

Need to build a specific team for a project? No problem. We can broaden our core team to bring in associates who specialise in  archaeology, heritage and landscape architects to create a truly multi-disciplinary team.

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I have worked with Enviroscope for many years and I highly recommend the excellent service that they provide, particularly where projects have required a bespoke solution to retain trees within development proposals.

Associate Director – Landscape Architect
Tetra Tech