Tree subsidence, mortgage & Insurance reports

Delivering rapid, reliable and quality tree reports

You are buying a house and time is of the essence. But prior to lending, mortgage companies can ask for a Homebuyer Tree Report to understand the risks trees pose to the property.

We have a formula for delivering rapid, reliable and quality tree mortgage reports.

Insurance companies can also ask for tree surveys to investigate why a tree failed and to determine liabilities for damage.

We'll carry out a thorough assessment of the situation, providing a technical analysis and impartial opinion.

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How we help

  • Prepare mortgage and insurance tree reports
  • Investigate and report on tree risks associated with buildings
  • Advise on remedial action and cost-effective tree management
  • Advise whether trees may be causing building subsidence

Homebuyer & insurance tree surveys

It is wise to employ a qualified and experienced Arboriculturist to act on your behalf. And with 30 years' experience in arboricultural consulting and Chartered status, you can rest assured that we will act on your behalf professionally and reliably.


Beyond the Basics

Dedicated soley to trees, we can go beyond the basics.  We have the skills and experience to deliver specialist surveys to support your needs, including:

  • Specialist decay-detection surveys
  • Advice on tree care to minimise impacts on property and people
  • Guidance on trees and planning and trees and the law

All About: Our PiCUS Decay Detection Service

How could specialist tree surveys improve your tree management?

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Enviroscope’s Habitat Management Plan for the new hospital grounds included an efficient monitoring regime which ensured we were on track, and remedial measures were highlighted where necessary so contractors could improve the management of the hospital grounds.

R. M.

Estates Manager
Humber NHS Foundation Trust

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Quality tree advice is an investment in good decisions for trees and cost-effective tree management. Good decisions come on the back of good planning and good planning leads to safer trees and spaces and healthier trees and treescapes. Trust us for your tree advice.

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