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Investigating the cause of a tree's decline can be the difference between loosing it and retaining it

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A tree in decline can be a cause for concern, especially if the cause of decline is unclear.

Our advanced tree assessments can help safeguard important trees.  Early diagnosis of disease, means early intervention so tree recovery can begin sooner.

Where additional information is required to justify tree retention or removal, tree health investigations can form part of a tree risk assessment.


Rest assured, we'll get to the root of the problem

Our specialist investigations look beyond a tree's external appearance.  Using cutting edge, non-invasive technology we are able to assess internal tree decay.

Our Arboriculturists are fully trained and experienced in PiCUS tomography and Resistograph investigations to detect and assess decay. We also operate an Air Spade to investigate root system health.

We are qualified in tree pest and disease identification, diagnosing single trees or carrying out strategic surveys to inform disease control and biosecurity.

Advanced tree surveys will help you see the wood for the trees.  And our specialist report will provide you with the rationale to make robust tree management decisions.

Past Projects

  • Highway Tree Survey Strategy and Ash Dieback Strategic Assessment

Case study: Cumbria County Council

  • Tree decay detection using PiCUS tomography

Case study: Wakefield District Housing

  • Tree decay detection with PiCUS and Resistograph technology

Case study: Bowcliffe Hall

  • Diagnostic DNA testing for tree disease

Case study: Stoke Hall Quarry


Our PiCUS decay detection service offers safer tree management

  • PiCUS surveys can reveal hidden decay and hollowing
  • Findings can justify removal of a tree or support its retention
  • PiCUS results are objective and repeatable so can be used to monitor tree health over time

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

For more information about Tree Decay Detection Surveys, download our PDF below

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Trees are our speciality.  So we can go beyond the basics.  We have the expertise to carry out specialist tree investigations so you can make smarter tree management decisions.

Whether you have a single tree or a whole population of trees, we are ready to help you manage your trees safely!

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