Tree safety
& risk management

By taking reasonable care to consider tree risk and acting on recommendations, tree owners can demonstrate they have met their health and safety obligations and legal duty of care.

Our robust recommendations for tree management work allow you to rest easy.

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As trees grow, so does the potential for risk. Trees require ongoing management to manage risk and reduce liabilities.

Our advice means your tree management decisions are well informed.  And because we are not be over-zealous in our recommendations for tree work, you can rest assured our advice will allow you to manage your tree risk cost efectively.

Our tree risk assessments allow you to manage costs by:

  • providing an objective assessment of tree risk
  • making realistic predictions of future risk and
  • identifying only tree works necessary to manage risk

Getting ahead on tree risk assessments can reveal tree health problems before they develop.

The tree management measures we recommend aim to:

  • reduce risk and significantly improve tree health and vitality.
  • minimise risk of tree-related damage and complications of personal injury and compensation claims.

Demonstrate your duty of care as a tree owner and manager and ensure legal compliance through a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) for trees in your care.

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All About: Tree Safety Surveys for Schools

Find out what steps schools can take to minimise tree risk and liability

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Whether you are concerned about a single tree or a population of trees, whether you are concerned about tree disease, size or location, we have the skills and experience to advise.

We will give you impartial, balanced advice on tree health and safety, ensuring only essential work is recommended to manage tree risk and safeguard people and property.

Contact us to find out how we can manage your trees so that you can manage your risks.

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Lobo Ecology I have partnered with Guy and the team at Enviroscope on numerous projects over the last decade or more and have always found them professional, reliable, and great to work with.

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In 2018 Witley Parish Council in Surrey lost its appeal against £500,000 of damages awarded to a man badly injured from a falling tree found to have fungal decay.

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