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Tree Safety Survey for Events Venue


Bowcliffe Hall Tree Safety Survey


Bowcliffe Hall, West Yorkshire



The stunning formal gardens, parkland and woodland are a perfect backdrop for weddings and events hosted at Bowcliffe Hall, West Yorkshire.

This Grade II listed country house close to Wetherby combines traditional gardens with spectacular modern construction within woodland and among mature beech trees.

Ever conscious of maintaining the grounds and meeting their duty of care to guests, visitors and staff working at the venue, Bowcliffe commission regular tree safety and risk assessments for trees at the site.

How we helped

Enviroscope have been taking care of the tree risk assessment of Bowcliffe Hall trees for almost a decade. We initially established a digital baseline plan of all the trees, mapping each tree to sub meter accuracy. Alongside this we built an inventory of the trees, recording species and dimensions. Building on this we carried out tree by tree inspections using tree risk management system Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA).

A licensed users of the QTRA we determine the risk trees present to people and property, taking into account site use, tree hazards and likelihood of failure. We distinguish between those trees that display acceptable, tolerable and unacceptable risks.

Our recommendations to control risk are based on whether the risks are considered to be acceptable or unacceptable, in the context of the levels of use by people and value and proximity of property. All our recommended works are proportionate to the risk, taking into account the cost of the works and their amenity impacts.

After the tree inspections we meet with Bowcliffe’s Head Gardener and tree contractor to walk the grounds and discuss the work that needs to be carried out.

On occasion we have reason to carry out more in-depth tree decay investigations. Read about our PiCUS decay detection assessments on our website.

Want a tree consultant who can work with you from concept to completion?

We specialise exclusively in trees. Arboriculture is not a peripheral service we offer.

This means that we have the depth of knowledge and experience required to take your scheme beyond the starting blocks, round the final turn and on to the home stretch!

We have the solutions to challenging trees and planning scenarios so if you would like us to manage the tree-related issues for your next planning application the please contact us to discuss!

What our clients say

“Guy, you are a prince among men! Thanks for taking time out to look at the tree and for your incredibly helpful advice!” – Head Gardener, Bowcliffe Hall

What our clients say


Guy, you are a prince among men!
Thanks for taking time out to look at the tree and for your incredibly helpful advice!


Head Gardener
Bowcliffe Hall