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Tree Management Plan for Visitor Attraction


Tree Management Plan for Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Yorkshire Sculpture Park



Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an extensive, award-winning nature and arts based visitor attraction covering over 200ha of historic18th century landscape in West Yorkshire.

YSP’s picturesque parkland setting is the backdrop to many of the permanent and temporary artworks showcasing successful British and international artists.

The historic landscape sees over 500,000 visitors pass through each year, enjoying walks and play among the park’s trees and grounds throughout the seasons.

The management of the landscape requires ongoing review to maintain its integrity, beauty and safety. Expert advice on the condition, risk and management of trees is necessary to ensure optimal management of YSP’s vibrant and historic treescape.

How we helped

We were engaged to reinspect trees at YSP, expanding on the tree surveys we conducted at YSP in 2010. Our 2023 surveys assessed the condition of 1,249 individual trees, over 100 groups of trees and almost 50 woodland compartments across the YSP estate. The site boats a fantastic range of tree species with formal areas resembling an arboretum.

Enviroscope assessed tree condition and considered tree value in relation to the historic landscape. We provided practical recommendations for tree management to contribute to tree risk management and the future good form of trees.

We used Forestry Commission techniques for estimating the age of large and veteran trees to evaluate the age of notable and veteran trees at the site to help inform understanding of the evolution of the site’s treescape over time.

We advised on pest and disease issues observed in trees and commented on evidence of visitor impacts on trees. Additionally we provided strategies for managing these effects, including ecologically-focussed management such as retention of deadwood habitat where feasible.

We lever the benefits of Tree Tech on all our projects. This ensures the data we collate and the reports and plans we provide are accurate, reliable and future proof, securing a long-term return on your investment in our tree services.

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What our clients say

“Enviroscope were commissioned to assess the condition of the estate’s trees, consider their value in relation to the historic landscape, and provides recommendations for management. Always a pleasure to work with Guy and through his generosity increase our understanding of this fascinating subject.”
Heads of Estates and Projects,
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

What our clients say


Guy, you are a prince among men!
Thanks for taking time out to look at the tree and for your incredibly helpful advice!


Head Gardener
Bowcliffe Hall