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International Tree Surveys


Tree surveys across Africa and South America


Tree surveys to assess tree safety and risk at multiple overseas residential locations including in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa and Brazil.



Our Principal Arboriculturist Guy worked for an extended period in China before being invited to undertake further tree studies overseas.

Guy used his expertise in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical tree identification and arboriculture to provide tree consultancy services in Africa and South America. He surveyed trees at multiple properties in residential locations, where tree safety and risk were a concern.

How we helped

Guy and Mark were Enviroscope’s Arboriculturists who travelled overseas to conduct tree surveys of properties in residential locations in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Brazil and South Africa.

Guy scoped the best approach to tree risk and safety surveys in each location, and this was based on the UK’s best practice QTRA risk assessment technique to quantify tree risk, and advise on measures to minimise risk.

The first task however was the creation of a tree register for each property. This involved plotting trees using GPS and accurate species identification. It was an altogether very different range of tree species familiar to most UK Arboriculturists but Guy was able to draw on previous overseas work, his experience in UK arboretums and his formal taxonomic training gained during his Ecology degree.

Trees species ranged from Red stinkwood tree found in Addis Ababa to Copperpod tree in Brasilia, Tamarind-plum in Sierra Leone and Bushveld-Natal mahogony tree in Mozambique, to name but a few.

The project culminated in Enviroscope providing a full tree register, digital tree plans and a Tree Management Plan with a prioritised work schedule for each site.

Want to know more?

We’re currently pulling together some great info on tree species from the different countries we worked in. Want to know when it’s ready? Just sign up here and we’ll keep you posted!

Want expert help with your trees overseas?

Enviroscope has the skills to provide tree consultancy services to overseas clients. We advise expats requiring sound advice on tree safety on their overseas property and guidance on how to manage trees in relation to construction. We can provide consultations to support government and business on tree-related issues abroad.

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What our clients say


Guy, you are a prince among men!
Thanks for taking time out to look at the tree and for your incredibly helpful advice!


Head Gardener
Bowcliffe Hall